Sale of water attractions, inflatables, fairground attractions and event modules

Funazone, the online shop for events and showmen, offers inflatables, attractions on the water, attractions on request and many other products for the pleasure of all ages.
In our product overview you will quickly and easily find what you are looking for. With just a few clicks you will see the product details, prices and shipping costs.
Find out more about our products such as inflatables, skating rinks, mini pilot, bubble soccer, attractions on the water, dome tents and attractions on request.

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Accessories, spare parts and repair material for bouncy games

With focus on a full service, we offer repair equipment and accessories for your bouncy castles, water attractions and other rides. For the professionals in this industry we have special adhesives and repair kits for inflatable play equipment.
The accessories and repair materials category contains everything you need for maintenance and operation inflatables, water attractions and event modules.

Rental of inflatables and water attractions

Funazone offers various possibilities for short and long term rentings. In the category “rental” you can find out about the possibilities of renting for the show business or for events.
Rent inflatables, water attractions and event modules

Customer Service

Our full service offers support and spare parts for products purchased from – For more information, contact Funazone Customer Support at

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