Spare parts, accessories, repair material and repair service

Small damages …. big problems = big costs? No, thanks to our products and services for the repair and maintenance of our products, you can use your attraction immediately again and without high expenses.

Only on you will find:

  • HH-66, the worlds most popular adhesive for repairing PVC tarpaulins, available in various sizes.
  • Tear-Aid, a tape that will help you repair minor damages on inflatables, water balls, tarpaulins, etc. in just 2 minutes.
  • Bostik industrial adhesive for TPU, an indispensable product for repairing damages on TPU items such as water rollers or water balls.

In our assortment we also carry spare parts for many of our products and accessories such as blowers, air pumps, tarpaulins and much more.

Thanks to our partner, we have the opportunity to replace damaged zippers and to repair even larger cuts on water balls.

 PVC tarpaulin repair adhesive
 Repair tape for PVC and TPU
 Industrial adhesive for TPU products
 Repair service for water walking balls
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