At trade fair….

Dear friends of fun on the water, unfortunately sometimes things break. That’s why Funazone is pleased to be able to offer a solution. Since a few months we are official resellers of Fixid in Italy. Fixid is a unique adhesive that can be used for the repair of swimming pools and inflatables, but also for TPU water balls and water rollers. A professional product, made in Germany. Visit us at one of the trade fairs and get to know the product.

New products available on and the shipment status

Eventi & Giochi is glad to announce two great news about our products on


1) The amazing TPU Glue Bostik is again available. A bicomponent glue produced by Bostik, specific for the repair of rubber items, inflatable games or TPU products such as water roller, water balls and other games.

Bostik colla per TPU

2) 2 new Minipilot (aircraft for children), in red and blue, are now available. The Minipilot is a fun and agile low-wing aircraft for children from 3 to 8 years old (or up to a weight of 25kg).



Moreover we wish to update our customers about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) status. Considering the current great delay for the production and shipment done in Asia, we suggest our customers to buy in advance the needed products, because we can’t garantee the standard delivery time.


Funazone is a brand from Eventi & Giochi for the online selling of games for events, showmen and carousel. Funazone offers full services to buy and rent inflatables, skating rinks, mini pilot, bubble soccer, attractions on the water, dome tents and attractions on request.

– Customer Service:
Mobile/Whatsapp: +393515356619 (Francesco) – +393381094974 (Marcello)

The inventor of water walking balls

Do you know who invented the water walking balls? It was an American: Charles Blane Jones. He lives in Monza for many years and that’s his story:

I was on a trip to India to order an inflatable oil can for one of my clients. I was inside the factory and noticed an inflatable beach ball of about 30 centimeters in diameter with a cricket figure inside. I thought to myself, it would really be great if you could make a giant transparent ball and put a person inside? I asked the inflatable company in India to make a prototype and they did. The idea of the water ball was born. We had to make several models before we finally found one that worked but it was worth it.

wonder wheel

On the road all over the world

From Eventi&giochi to Funazone we have worked with showmen all over Europe and beyond.
Showmen and other entertainment companies in Europe and elsewhere come to us with their special requests.
We are proud to provide fun all over the world, for example with a simple special adhesive or spare part, or with a large custom made attraction.

We have customers all over the world:

  • Europe

Italy, Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia,
Switzerland, Hungary.

  • Africa

Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia.

  • Asia


  • America


Piscina gonfiabile per water ball

Our attractions in various shopping centers in Italy

Starting from the shopping center “Le Due Torri” near Bergamo, where we started our activity on Christmas 2010, we have been active with our water walking balls from Lombardy to Calabria. Thanks to the cooperation with COGEST-Retail (today Cushman & Wakefield) and others, customers could enjoy our attractions in the following shopping centers:

  • “Le Due Torri”, Stezzano (BG)
  • “La Grande Mela”, Sona (VR)
  • “Continente Mapello”, Mapello (BG)
  • “Le Sorgive”, Flero (BS)
  • “Centro Meridiana”, Casalecchio di Reno (BO)
  • “Due Mari”, Maida (CZ)

Our customers know that eventi & giochi is the first company in general, that brought water walking balls to Italy and that we are an innovative and reliable partner.


raiuno tv show braccialetti rossi

Our water walking balls at RaiUno on TV

Our water walking balls were protagonists of “Braccialetti rossi”, a series that was aired on Rai 1 from 2014 to 2016, in the USA the format was also produced under the name “Red Band Society”.

In search of experts in this field, Medusa Film contacted us to help realize some scenes of their television series. And so we landed with our water walking balls on television. Directed by Giacomo Campiotti, our water balls were the protagonists of several scenes in a hotel pool. During filming, Medusa Film has explicitly sought the advice of our specialist staff to ensure easy and safe use of the water balls. A very significant experience for our company which, as always, offers advice and assistance, even for unusual services to our customers.

Where was Braccialetti Rossi filmed?

The RaiUno series we worked on was shot entirely in Apulia between Fasano, Monopoli and Bari.

What is Braccialetti Rossi about?

Leo, played by Carmine Buschini, was hospitalized for a long time. Leo, along with the other young patients, forms a group that is hospitalized and encourages each other. To identify themselves as a “team”, each member of the group wears the red bracelet Leo needed to wear as a hallmark during the operation.