Ice skating without ice

Do you want to create a kingdom of ice without being cold, without having to think about electricity, to build it up quickly and easily? Choose our ice rinks made of synthetic ice without the need for water.

Ecologically and economically
The artificial rinks are ecological and allow you to glide on inexpensive and efficient artificial ice rinks. These artificial skating rinks are specially designed for skating and have lower operating costs than normal ones. They can be operated both indoors and outdoors.

Without water or ammonia
Neither water nor ammonia are needed to run your skating rink. This makes it an ideal solution for shopping malls, sports halls, party rooms and similar facilities.

Choose your panels and boards
Depending on the needs of the customers different panels and boards are available. To choose your panels and boards, contact us at
You do not want to take care of the setup? We will do it for you. Do you think it is very expensive and challenging to build an ice rink without ice? Ask us on
We are pleased to be able to offer you a service that includes the setup and dismantling of the ice rink as well as the light and sound system. Upon request, we are available for the entire management of the facility: admission of skaters, maintenance of the facility and music and light during the opening hours.

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 Without water or ammonia
 No electricity needed
 Available in different sizes
 Suitable for indoor installation
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