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Our attractions in various shopping centers in Italy

Piscina gonfiabile per water ball

Starting from the shopping center “Le Due Torri” near Bergamo, where we started our activity on Christmas 2010, we have been active with our water walking balls from Lombardy to Calabria. Thanks to the cooperation with COGEST-Retail (today Cushman & Wakefield) and others, customers could enjoy our attractions in the following shopping centers:

  • “Le Due Torri”, Stezzano (BG)
  • “La Grande Mela”, Sona (VR)
  • “Continente Mapello”, Mapello (BG)
  • “Le Sorgive”, Flero (BS)
  • “Centro Meridiana”, Casalecchio di Reno (BO)
  • “Due Mari”, Maida (CZ)

Our customers know that eventi & giochi is the first company in general, that brought water walking balls to Italy and that we are an innovative and reliable partner.