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Our water walking balls at RaiUno on TV

raiuno tv show braccialetti rossi

Our water walking balls were protagonists of “Braccialetti rossi”, a series that was aired on Rai 1 from 2014 to 2016, in the USA the format was also produced under the name “Red Band Society”.

In search of experts in this field, Medusa Film contacted us to help realize some scenes of their television series. And so we landed with our water walking balls on television. Directed by Giacomo Campiotti, our water balls were the protagonists of several scenes in a hotel pool. During filming, Medusa Film has explicitly sought the advice of our specialist staff to ensure easy and safe use of the water balls. A very significant experience for our company which, as always, offers advice and assistance, even for unusual services to our customers.

Where was Braccialetti Rossi filmed?

The RaiUno series we worked on was shot entirely in Apulia between Fasano, Monopoli and Bari.

What is Braccialetti Rossi about?

Leo, played by Carmine Buschini, was hospitalized for a long time. Leo, along with the other young patients, forms a group that is hospitalized and encourages each other. To identify themselves as a “team”, each member of the group wears the red bracelet Leo needed to wear as a hallmark during the operation.